Tonisco is over a 50-year-old Finnish company, which is dived into System and Service. Tonisco System manufactures products where as Tonisco Service provides customers with the best possible service. Tonisco’s carrying strength is a strong will to develop and advance the hot tapping processes in the industry and to listen to the customer needs. Tonisco staff consists of dedicated professionals who are greatly valued in their workplace. Tonisco is a trusted partner in already over 20 countries around the world.

Tonisco values include:

Trust, Expertise, High Quality and Sustainable Development

Together with exceptional motivation of Tonisco staff, our values create a strong foundation to high quality, not only in manufacturing but also in service. We believe that continuous improvement and exceeding one’s expectations belong to the main principles of a successful company. This is highly visible in Tonisco’s everyday operations.

Tonisco’s main objective is to continuously develop high quality products that fit to different working environments and are safe to use. As a result, from this long development the Hot tapping machines manufactured by Tonisco System are the only machines in the world that have the German TÜV-Approval for the whole range of DN20-DN200. “Tonisco – Quality You Can Trust”

Tonisco Service
"There has to be a better way to do things. Never stop developing."
Touko Nisso
Founder of Tonisco System

Tonisco as a Company

As a company, Tonisco is people-oriented, trustworthy, and approachable and this comes from the roots of the company being passed on for generations. Tonisco wants to be welcoming to all new customers and give their customers what they need when they need it.

Customer satisfaction is at the core of everyday work and development for Tonisco. We provide maintenance and modification services for pressurized pipelines to our customers in different industries. We manufacture high-quality products which are designed together with our customers to fit even the most demanding circumstances. Our aim is to provide reliable products and services for our customers and help them fix their pressurized pipelines without service shutdowns.


Tonisco leads by example. Generation after generation Tonisco continues to exceed everybody’s expectations. Leadership is something, which is important to us, since it is what keeps Tonisco together and working seamlessly.

The work and services that the company offers are usually short time projects. Therefore, it is extremely important to have a good communication towards customers, contractors and personnel. Tonisco Group offers our employees a path for self-improvement through various qualification and training processes.

Tonisco Team 2020-1

Growth and Innovation

Tonisco is constantly growing and innovating with the new generations coming into the business. We are always looking forward into the future and always thinking about the next big thing! 

Through the generations Tonisco has seen and experienced so much innovation, and learned from the past and improved for the future. We look forward to seeing how Tonisco will expand in the future.

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Maintenance tools and services for pressurized pipelines.

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