Broen Ball Valve (WT)


The Hot Tap Ball valves are used to connect new customers to existing pipelines without service shutdowns for other customers. The Hot Tap System consists of two main elements: The Hot Tap Ball Valves & the Tonisco Hot Tap Machine. The System is safe and easy to use. Because of the unique and compact design of the Hot Tap Ball Valves it is also the most cost-effective way to carry out a hot tapping process to a weldable pipeline system. All the fully welded bodies of Hot Tap Ball Valves are manufactured from approved, high-quality materials. The Ball Valve structure is designed and manufactured by Broen and the modifications for hot tapping purposes is done by Tonisco. 

Technische Details

Anbohrung Größe: DN15 (1/2")-DN50 (2")
max. Temperatur: 160 °C
max. Druck: 40 bar
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Unterstützte Ventiltypen


  • Entlüftungsventile 
  • Nicht brennbare oder nicht explosionsfähige Flüssigkeiten
  • Wird zum Herstellen von Hausanschlüssen verwendet
  • Zum Herstellen neuer Anschlüsse und Abgänge unter Druck
  • Für Stahlrohrleitungen


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