Hydraulic Pipe Press Tools (200-315mm)


The Hydraulic Dismountable Squeeze Tool 315mm is designed for flow control or temporary closure of large size pipes. Generating a force of 25 tonnes the hydraulic jack will close PE pipes of any standard wall thickness within the size range. 

Permanent pipe damage is prevented by correct use of safety stops. When under squeeze conditions, screwing down the lock pins will prevent any loss of squeeze caused by a reduction in hydraulic pressure. Spare sets of safety stop are also available for use on a range of pipe sizes. 

  • Pipe range 200-315mm Ø 
  • Fully dismountable for easy transportation 
  • Easily assembled on pipe 
  • 25 tonne lightweight jack 
  • Safety stops to prevent pipe damage 
  • Screw down lock pins 
  • Robust construction 
  • Zinc coating to steel parts 
  • Designed to meet standard GIS/PL2-5 

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Maksimilämpötila: 160 °C
Maksimipaine: 10 bar
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