Tonisco was founded in 1969 by Touko Nisso in Finland. Tonisco started as a small company making equipment for hot tapping purposes and since then it has grown and expanded into the leading company it is today. Tonisco has been passed on over generations and is now in its 3rd generation of the Nisso family. Tonisco is a trusted partner and has been around for over 50 years.

Thanks to great technology and new innovations, we are able to do hot tapping, line stopping and other services without interrupting the pipeline networks. Tonisco Service has conducted their services in various different kinds of environments and for different types of pipelines. For Tonisco, nothing is impossible!


The Tonisco team is a tightly knit team of professionals who are passionate about their work and have wish to have high achievements. The team is continuously adapting for the better and coming up with new innovative ideas to further develop the industry. Contact the Tonisco team today!

Today, Tonisco works in over 20 countries world wide. Some of the largest areas being, Canada, Germany, Russia and the Middle East. Let’s see where the future takes us!

Tonisco Timeline

Tonisco System was Founded

tonisco-touko-nisso Tonisco System was founded in 19691969

Tonisco trademark

First hot tap machines were designed and delivered as tailor made units. First tonisco hot tap machine carrying the name was sold 1971

tonisco hot tap machine history


Tonisco products were introduced

The first portfolio of products were designed and introduced to domestic markets


Beginning of own manufacturing

Since 1984 Tonisco has been operating from their own facilities and making all the parts themselves. Today Tonisco has over 1 700 square meters of state of the art machining and assembly facilites in Tampere Finland.


First 100 units were manufactured yearly

The date was 10/10/1985 when Tonisco made first ever delivery of more than 100 hot tap machine units per year.


Export of Tonisco products begin

The first export units were delivered to Sweden. Two months after the first delivery to Sweden a customer from Germany reach out and the rest is history


Tonisco Service was Founded

The service side of the company was officially separated from the manufacturing company. The story of Tonisco service spread widely and now the company is already located in 4 different continents


Tonisco Rebranding

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Tonisco System manufactures high-quality products for repairing and modifying pressurized pipelines. With the use of Tonisco products these repairs and modifications can be done without service shutdowns, which is time efficient and more sustainable.


Tonisco Service provides hot tapping, line stopping and other services for pipeline repairs and modifications all under pressure without service shutdowns, and in a more sustainable way. Tonisco staff makes sure that the work is completed on time, with customer satisfaction and in a professional manner.

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Maintenance tools and services for pressurized pipelines.

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