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Tonisco Service has been offering high quality hot tap and line stop services for over 50-years in 20 different countries across the world. The company has a long track record in developing the best and most flexible solutions to under pressure maintenance. Such as under pressure sensor installations, inline leak detection and valve replacements and all without service interruptions.

The Tonisco hot tapping and line stopping method enables expansions and modifications of pipe networks to be done under pressure without any service interruptions or network shutdowns.

Our hot tapping equipment allows us to make branches from DN10 (3/8″) to DN1600 (64″). The pipeline materials can vary from plastic and composite to stainless steel; our hot tapping machines will get the job done!

The line stop solution can be used for weldable and non-weldable pipeline materials from DN20 (3/4″) to DN1600 (64″).

Tonisco Service team executes:
  • Hot tapping
  • Line stopping
  • Leak detection and wireless network control
  • Sensor installations
  • Welding of pressurized pipelines
  • Installation works in pressurized pipelines
  • Welding and insulation of pipelines
  • Sparkles cutting of pipelines

Tonisco Service methods are a cost effective, safe and environmentally friendly way to perform alteration and maintenance works to pressurized pipeline networks. To us, it does not matter if the worksite is located on the ground, underground or underwater, we will find a way to do it, without shutdowns. Our high-quality standards ensure that our customers always get the best service possible.

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Maintenance tools and services for pressurized pipelines.

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