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Tonisco Service can carry out the hot tap process using Tonisco hot tap valves or welded hot tap ball valves. There’s no need for any separate planning because all the special hot tap valves are designed for underground installations. The flexibility and embeddedness make Tonisco Service the most customer oriented and flexible service partner for your district heating and cooling distribution network.


The hot tap process for a district heating or cooling pipeline begins with the evaluation of the needed connection. The information that the customer needs to provide us are the following:

  • Size and material of the main?
  • Wall thickness of the main?
  • Design pressure and design temperature?
  • Operational pressure and temperature?
  • Hot tap size and pressure Class?
  • Is the use of electric tools allowed on the worksite?


After Tonisco personnel receive the basic information, we can provide you with the budget quote for the hot tap process. We will always make recommendations on the components (valves & fittings), but we can also operate with components provided by the customer.


The Tonisco hot tap process is designed so that we can use any approved hot tap component found on the market for the connection. Usually, in a low and medium pressure network a normal weldolet + hot tap valve combination is a sufficient solution. It gives the complete project more flexibility and more room for co-operation between contractors.

The most common solutions for hot tapping in heating and cooling networks are the following:

  • Branch size DN10 to DN200: Tonisco valve or hot tap ball valve
  • Branch size DN150 to 600: Tonisco valve for the hot tap and a shut-off valve with air releases further down the line


Tonisco Service is capable of making the hot tap connection to all the pipeline materials used in the district heating and cooling sector. The most common methods of hot tapping:

  • Steel pipes: welding a reinforcement plate or a weldolet + Hot tap valve
  • PE pipes: Infusion welded hot tap saddle + Shut-off valve (Gate or ball valve)
  • Other pipe materials: Mechanical Hot tap clamp + Shut-off valve (Gate of ball valve)


To familiarize yourself with different hot tapping options please download the brochure.

Key Features

Key features of Tonisco hot tapping service:

  • No need for service interruption
  • No treated water is lost
  • No need to wait until the line is completely empty – Reduces the filling time substantially
  • Avoids costly redesign of pipeline sections and reduces the cost of planning
  • Removes the necessity to notify of heat or cooling shortages
  • Co-operation – Sharing of different working stages (welding works)
  • Turnkey planning and execution, if needed


Operational parameters – Basic service package:

  • Maximum operational pressure 60 bar @ 40°C
  • Maximum operational temperature 200°C @ 16 bar
  • Hot tap range DN10 (3/8″) to DN1600 (64″)
  • Both ASME and DIN Standards apply


Operational parameters – Special service package:

  • Maximum operational pressure 1480 PSI @ 40°C
  • Maximum operational temperature 371 C @ 700 PSI
  • Hot tap range DN25 (1″) to DN1600 (64″)
  • Both ASME and DIN Standards apply


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