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Tonisco Service offers a cost-effective and precise pipe cutting service for water distribution pipelines. Whenever there is a need to cut a large dimension pipe, safely, straight and fast Tonisco pipe cutting service is the right solution. The service is suitable for any pipe material from DN150 (6″) to DN1400 (56″). The pipe can be filled with water when cutting. The cutting can be performed on land or underwater!


Tonisco pipe cutting service uses the Tonisco PS2000 hydraulic pipe cutter to make a safe, straight, and reliable cutting.

The service is designed so that the pipe cutting operation is possible even though the pipe in question is not completely empty from gases or fluids.


The hydraulic pipe cutter combined with the integrated cooling mechanism allows us to make the cut with as minimum heat transfer as possible.

It will practically allow us to make the cutting safely without any sparks. Therefore, the pipe does not have to be completely empty. Our cutting method will save time and give a safe option for cutting – without grinding.

Tonisco pipe cutting service is also available for Subsea pipe cutting.

Key Features

Benefits of sparkless cutting:

  • The pipe does not have to be 100% empty
  • The cut will be clean and straight
  • There will be less heat transfer to the cut
  • A safe and easy option for large scale pipe cutting
  • Suitable for all materials
  • Suitable for underwater pipe cutting
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