Tonisco Line Stop Method Explained

Hot Tapping with Tonisco Jr. through weldable Tonisco valves

Tonisco Red Line: Hot tapping with DN15-DN100 Weldable-Weldable ball valve

Line Stop Method

Hot Tap Animations

Tonisco Red Line

Tonisco Blue Line

Tonisco Gold Line

Tonisco Water Line



Tonisco System manufactures high-quality products for repairing and modifying pressurized pipelines. With the use of Tonisco products these repairs and modifications can be done without service shutdowns, which is time efficient and more sustainable.


Tonisco Service provides hot tapping, line stopping and other services for pipeline repairs and modifications all under pressure without service shutdowns, and in a more sustainable way. Tonisco staff makes sure that the work is completed on time, with customer satisfaction and in a professional manner.