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This Tonisco hot tapping machine is designed for making house connections through Vexve valves, without service shutdowns or interruptions to the system. The Tonisco Jr. Hot Tap Machine for house connections is lightweight, versatile and easy to operate. By using Tonisco Jr. Hot Tapping Machine it is possible to make new connections through Vexve valves from DN20 (3/4”) to DN100 (4”). With suitable adapters the Tonisco Jr. Hot Tap Machine for house connections can be used with threaded connections. All the house connections can be made without stopping the flow in the main, up to 60bar. This Tonisco Hot Tapping Machine provides an efficient and economical way of making connections to mains for repairs, relocations or additions.

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Hot tap koko: DN20 (3/4")-DN50 (2")
Maksimilämpötila: 200 °C
Maksimipaine: 60 bar
  • PN40
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