Hot Tap Saddle


Tonisco offers a large variety of different types of hot tap saddles. Hot tap saddles are normally a mechanical clamp which is fitted around the pipe. It has a special sealing and a connection for the new outlet. The portfolio consists of cast iron saddles with threaded or flanged connections. Please go through the catalogue and find the most suitable solution for your hot tap needs. If the saddle you are looking for is not on the catalogue, please contact your local Tonisco representative and we will help you find the best solution for your needs. Please contact your local Tonisco representative when dealing with dangerous fluids and/or high temperature and pressures. 

Technische Details

max. Temperatur: 200 °C
max. Druck: 16 bar

Unterstützte Ventiltypen


  • Zum Herstellen neuer Anschlüsse und Abgänge unter Druck
  • Hot Tap Sattel
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Wartungswerkzeuge und Dienstleistungen für unter Druck stehende Rohrleitungen.

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