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Tonisco Pipe Squeezers are designed to situations, when a part of the pressurized pipe network is forced to be isolated from service because of a leak or alteration work. By using Tonisco Pipe Squeezer interruption or interference of the process can be avoided. The best results are achieved when Tonisco Pipe Squeezers are used together with other Tonisco hot tap tools.

Tonisco Pipe Squeezer consists of two machined pressing jaws made from machined and tempered Steel. The Jaws are connected with strong bolts that are machined from one solid steel bar. The robust design and the use of strong simple materials and designs ensures that the Tonisco PS will work just the way they are intended – every time. Tonisco Pipe Squeezers come in four different models: Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. The pressing range covered starts from DN20 and goes all the way up to DN150. Tonisco Pipe Squeezers are named after the largest operating diameter as follows;

  • Tonisco Pipe Squeezer DN40 (Small)
  • Tonisco Pipe Squeezer DN80 (Medium)
  • Tonisco Pipe Squeezer DN125 (Large)
  • Tonisco Pipe Squeezer DN150 (X-Large)

Technische Details

Anbohrung Größe: DN10 (3/8") - DN40 (1 1/2")
max. Temperatur: 130 °C
max. Druck: 6 bar
  • Elektrisch
  • , Hydraulisch
  • , Manuelle
  • , Pneumatisch
  • PN40
Product number: 6100.0000CT Category:

Unterstützte Ventiltypen


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